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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology offers improved security, transparency, privacy, traceability and efficiency for companies and organizations.

A blockchain acts as a distributed ledger of information shared by a network of trusted computers that validate each new evolution before adding it to the registry. This chain of data can only grow in size, which means that to modify a record, a user must request a new modification. This makes the data on a blockchain unalterable and avoids human error when recording transactions.

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What is a Smart Contract?

Smart contracts have the ability to be executed autonomously and automatically through computer codes, which avoids having to go through third-party interpretations. A smart contract will be valid as a code visible to all parties and cannot be modified.

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Get to Know EOS Costa Rica

We founded EOS Costa Rica two years ago, before the launch of EOS ... and we quickly realized that it was a marathon, not a sprint. We were there before the genesis block was created. During this time, we learned a lot and believe that now is the time to share our journey.

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