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EOSIO based Blockchain Networks

Blockchain Networks#

The EOSIO ecosystem is composed of many public and private blockchains, each one with different governance models and aimed at different use cases and markets.

Below we included a list of some other well known public blockchains launched on EOSIO, we did not include any EOSIO private networks.

  • EOS: The first blockchain launched with the EOSIO protocol, also know as mainnet.

  • BOSCore: A high-speed blockchain and low finality for business and enterprises looking to implement parallel computing and IBC.

  • EOS FORCE: Is a high-performance multi-chain structured blockchain network, with the main chain developed by EOSForce team based on the open-sourced EOSIO.

  • Eosfinex: A blockchain that promotes the cryptocurrency exchange in an auditable and public way.

  • Europechain: A public-permissioned blockchain that uses conventionals channels to support the enforcement of the European normative, GDPR included.

  • Liberland: (pending launch) A democratic blockchain that promotes Liberal Republic citizens.

  • Lynxx chain: A blockchain that simplifies user experience by removing the need for users to worry about network resources.

  • Telos: A blockchain platform without high-performance permissions for decentralized applications with advanced data storage and governance functions.

  • Ultra: A blockchain geared towards the gaming industry.

  • Voice: A blockchain to promote a decentralized social network built by

  • WAX: A blockchain token and protocol specially designed to make e-commerce transactions faster, easier and more secure.

  • Worbli: A blockchain designed for the normative compliance with the financial sector, KYC verified accounts included.

You can see a complete description of several EOSIO public blockchains here in

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