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Open Source Projects

EOSIO Dashboard#

An EOSIO Infrastructure monitor and node dashboard.

Monitor EOSIO Networks#

EOSIO network dashboardEOSIO network dashboard

EOS Rate#

EOS Rate is an open-source dApp that allows EOS token holders to rate Block Producers (BPs) in just a few clicks. Users can access a rating system and voting portal, making it easier for token holders to make an informed decision.

EOS Rate

EOS Rate

LACChain EOSIO Testnet#

We are part of LACChain EOSIO, an open-source initiative that offers an EOSIO blockchain network that integrates into LACChain.




Evolution DEX is a Protocol created by EOS Argentina that allows anyone to create and launch their own trading pairs in a decentralized exchange and gain trading fees by adding liquidity to the token’s pool.

EOS Costa Rica is working with EOS Argentina creating a web interface that will provide access to liquidity amongst all exchanges that connect to Evolution DEX.

EOSIO Hackathons#


Lifebank is an EOSIO-based dapp that helps local communities create a virtuous circle of value exchange between three parties — eligible life donors, community donation centers, and participating local businesses (sponsors).

Lifebank is an initiative of EOS Costa Rica, a company that develops blockchain-based solutions to solve real-world problems. Lifebank is our entry to the Coding for Change challenge organized by leading blockchain company,



gGoods is an open-source NFT standard that enables organizations and communities to create their own NFTs to raise funds. Creating an NFT is easy and straightforward using our avatar creator. The NFTs are then purchased by donors as collectibles that not only support a cause but can be integrated into countless applications such as games, emojis, chat stickers, avatars etc.

React Components for EOSIO#

EOS Foundation#

We view the EOS Foundation as a container for facilitating code, capital, and connections in ways which haven’t been available so far for the EOS Mainnet community.

EOS Foundation

EOS Foundation

Digital Notary Smart Contract#

This smart contract serves as a tool for any user who wishes to register the existence of digital documents (texts / images) at a certain moment in time.

It also allows anyone who owns the document to validate the record on the blockchain.

NPM Packages#