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Engineering Culture

We are a fast paced startup with really talented engineers who love open source and agile principles.

Our values are reflected in the way we build software. 

At EOS Costa Rica we Value:


We are decentralizing the economic models of the Internet. 


All our processes are transparent and open. We are a multidisciplinary team where developers also know exactly what's going on the servers, developers work closely with the DevOps team - "if you build it, you run it". We have clear project guidelines and discuss plans openly on github, frequent calls over zoom and chat tools.

Communication and Openness

We believe in honesty, transparency and openness as pillars to create a solid and healthy environment were one can develop to its full potential. Continuous communication and frequent one-on-one calls are essential part of our day to day work.

User-Centered Design

We build for humans. Our process starts by understanding people's needs and how they align with business and product goals. An iterative process allow us to validate continuously to make decisions about development and design.

Value Delivery Focus

We focus on delivering value above all, it's at the base of all our decisions. We make sure everything we do delivers value both to our users and clients.

Freedom to Explore Ideas

We are constantly improving and evolving, we are always looking for better and more effective ways, we value exploration, experimentation and open-mindedness.

Health and Wellness

Healthy, happy people perform better. We encourage exercising, arts, good rest and time away from the computer to recharge and avoid burnout.

We organize work-aways at the beach periodically with a program called EOSurf.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Automation is at the top of our priorities, everything from scaffolding to code optimization, testing, deploy and delivery.

Open Source Projects

We promote participation in open source projects we use as well as open sourcing our projects and tooling.

Lightweight Agility

We work with an lean agile methodology to deliver the highest amount of value as fast as possible. We keep what works best and discard rigid rules that can be more trouble than they're worth. We value agile principles over practices.

Participation in the Local Development Communities

We believe that engaging and participating in the development communities allows us to learn and grow. At the same time our participation enriches the community in general by sharing our knowledge with others.

Diversity, Collaboration and Mutual Respect

A group of different and diverse minds produce more creative solutions as every individual brings in their talents, their way of thinking, operating and solving problems.

Peer Code-Reviews

Pair programming and peer code reviews are core to our development process, we believe it is one of the best ways to improve quality and spread knowledge. We follow Github Flow for developing all applications.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration allows us to detect problems early reducing costs and help us deliver robust software more rapidly.


Whenever something goes wrong we don't point fingers or blame, rather we prefer to make a retrospective meeting and learn from what went wrong.

Freedom to Work from Anywhere you Want

We are fully distributed team, in the 21st century there's no real need to be stuck in traffic jams and lose time of your life moving from one place to another to work on software development. We meet in person from time to time when required to analyze, architect and coordinate work.

In our blog Tips for working from home you can see some recommendations to be highly productive working from home.