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Open Source Projects

Community Projects

The following projects have been developed for the eosio community.

Antelope Tools

An EOSIO + Antelope Infrastructure monitor and node dashboard.

  • GitHub: Link to Antelope Tools Github repository

EOS MainnetJungle TestnetProton TestnetLACChain EOSIOTelos Testnet
EOS Mainnet logoJungle Testnet logoProton Testnet logoLACChain EOSIO logoTelos Testnet logo

EOS Rate

EOS Rate is an open-source dApp that allows EOS token holders to rate Block Producers (BPs) in just a few clicks. Users can access a rating system and voting portal, making it easier for token holders to make an informed decision.

  • GitHub: Link to EOS Rate Github repository

Proton Affiliate Program

Edenia, also known as EOS Costa Rica, is glad to announce our strategic collaboration with the team of Proton, a blockchain developed by Metallicus. Proton was built to streamline on-chain payments processing, adding governance, network resources allocation, and rewards staking.

For the past few months, our team has been working on an Affiliate Program (AP) feature for the Proton wallet, which launched in the beta stage for selected countries.

  • Website: Proton Affiliate Program website icon

Libre Dao Smart Contracts

The system works as a decentralized voting mechanism set up in the rules governing the blockchain, where budgets for specific projects are proposed and funded once they receive sufficient votes from token holders.

  • GitHub: Link to Libre Dao Smart Contracts Github repository

LACChain EOSIO Testnet

We are part of LACChain EOSIO, an open-source initiative that offers an EOSIO blockchain network that integrates into LACChain.

  • GitHub: Link to LACChain EOSIO Github repository


Evolution DEX is a Protocol created by EOS Argentina that allows anyone to create and launch their own trading pairs in a decentralized exchange and gain trading fees by adding liquidity to the token’s pool. EOS Costa Rica is working with EOS Argentina creating a web interface that will provide access to liquidity amongst all exchanges that connect to Evolution DEX.

  • GitHub: Link to Evodex Github repository

MyvoteEOS Proxy Website

The EOS based proxy facilitates the transition into a truly democratic based chain that is free from Pareto control by voting for BP’s that do not engage with direct vote rebate.

  • GitHub: Link to MyvoteEOS Proxy Website Github repository

Eden Smart Contracts

Updates and Maintenance to Eden Community Web App and Smart Contracts.

  • GitHub: Link to Eden Smart Contracts Github repository

Eden UI kit

A frontend UI template for projects to build on EdenOS.

  • GitHub: Link to Eden UI kit Github repository

Eden Spend Explorer

Expense Tracking Standard for Eden Communities.

  • GitHub: Link to Eden Spend Explorer Github repository

Eden Smart Proxy

A BP voting portal and Proxy for Eden Members.

  • GitHub: Link to Eden Smart Proxy Github repository

Eden API

An API service for querying data on Eden on EOS members.

  • GitHub: Link to Eden API Github repository

EOS Token Sale Platform

A decentralized Token Sale platform, which allows users to set up a token sale, determine the token sale parameters, and deploy their sale onto the EOS Mainnet.

  • GitHub: Link to EOS Token Sale Platform Github repository

EOS Token Sale Contract

EOStarter is developing a Token Sale Smart Contract system that allows for the crowd-sourcing of projects through a token sale that can be configured with different parameters like staking capabilities, whitelisting requirements, token vesting, etc.

  • GitHub: Link to EOS Token Sale Contract Github repository


Eden Members Check

This project provides a quick way to get started integrating the logic to validate if an EOS account is an active Eden Member. It is meant to be used as an example to help other projects integrate features for eden members.

  • GitHub: Link to Eden Members Check Github repository

Eden Cron Job

Cron-Job script that distributes funds for eden members.

  • GitHub: Link to Eden Cron Job Github repository

Eden Msig Script

Multi-Sig Proposal Script for Updating Elected Eden Delegate's Active Permissions.

  • GitHub: Link to Eden Msig Script Github repository

Digital Notary Smart Contract

Example configurations for different EOSIO node types

  • GitHub: Link to Sample Nodeos Configurations Github repository

Local Development Environments

EOS Costa Rica offers a wide variety of local development environments for the EOSIO developer community.

Local Development EnvironmentsDescription
EOSDocker-based EOS Local Network for Development
TelosDocker-based Telos Network for Development
ProtonDocker-based Proton Network for Development
WaxWAX Local Development Environment Docker Image
EOSIO ExplorerAn application providing Web GUI to communicate with EOSIO blockchain in a local development environment

EOSIO Network Bootstrap

Example configurations for different EOSIO node types

  • GitHub: Link to Sample Nodeos Configurations Github repository

Sample Nodeos Configurations

This collection of scripts launches a local EOSIO network with multiple node configurations. There is also an automated boot sequence that utilizes a temporary "bios" node to launch the chain, deploy system contracts and set a schedule with three active block producer nodes.

This project can be useful as a development environment for system contracts.

  • GitHub: Link to EOSIO Network Bootstrap Github repository


EOS Costa Rica offers a wide variety of boilerplates for the developer community.

Full StackA fullstack project template to easily launch your project on EOSIO.
Wax WebappA bare-bones react web app featuring WAX authenticators (wallets).
WaxA full-stack project template to easily launch your project on Wax.
ProtonA full-stack project template to easily launch your project on Proton.
WebappA bare-bones react web app featuring UAL for EOSIO authenticators (wallets).
IPFSA repository to help you get started integrating IPFS into your project.
BackendNodeJS Backend + Hasura + PGDB with EOSJS and KEOSD wallet.
EOS dappEOSIO Application Boilerplates.

React Components for EOSIO

A collection of React components for the EOSIO developer community.

  • GitHub: Link to React Components for EOSIO Github repository

Proof of Payment of Municipal Taxes

The generator of municipal certificates is a web application that allows allows taxpayers of Costa Rican Local Governments to obtain a digital document in which you can see the municipal tax payments of the properties in your name. This document is digitally signed by the institution that issues the document, so it is official and valid for use in different institutions in Costa Rica.

  • GitHub: Link to Proof of Payment of Municipal Taxes Github repository

EOSIO Hackathons


Lifebank is an EOSIO-based dapp that helps local communities create a virtuous circle of value exchange between three parties — eligible life donors, community donation centers, and participating local businesses (sponsors).

Lifebank is an initiative of EOS Costa Rica, a company that develops blockchain-based solutions to solve real-world problems. Lifebank is our entry to the Coding for Change challenge organized by leading blockchain company,

  • GitHub: Link to LifeBank Github repository


gGoods is an open-source NFT standard that enables organizations and communities to create their own NFTs to raise funds. Creating an NFT is easy and straightforward using our avatar creator. The NFTs are then purchased by donors as collectibles that not only support a cause but can be integrated into countless applications such as games, emojis, chat stickers, avatars etc.

  • GitHub: Link to gGoods Github repository

NPM Packages

ComponentsA collection of React Components for EOSIO
Standard ThemeEOS Costa Rica standard theme allows us to speed up the development of our web apps and at the same time it's available for anyone who will want to use it
API moduleThis project wraps the official eosio/eosjs-api to provide camelcase output
Fastify EOSA plugin that decorates Fastify with an EOS.js instance