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EOS Network Foundation Blue Papers

The EOS Network Foundation, also known as ENF (EOS Network Foundation) is a non-profit foundation, has created a series of "Blue Papers" on the main issues or doubts of the community and the respective actions to be taken in such situations. In this section we will see in a quick and concise way some of them:


Being a blockchain that is required to be read and written by several users at the same time, a lot is expected from the APIs by the developers, due to this and added to the fact that depending on its functionality it can directly affect in an economic way to the users, they become a crucial section for the operation/growth of the network.

Faced with this situation, the community faced the following challenges:

  • Need for a lot of research and standardization on the use of APIs.
  • Development by the community with losses supported by the rewards of the network.
  • Lack of feedback from developers on possible improvements.

With the effort made by the community, the following has been achieved:

  • Create a tool base for the development of apps based on the EOSIO network.
  • Obtain the support of external organizations, which are interested in the current and future achievements of the network.
  • Obtain the necessary feedback for the creation of new tools and improvements to existing ones.

To learn more about this topic and its participation in the life cycle in the network, you can see it in the following link API+ Blue Paper with availability to download if desired.


For the development of applications supported by the EOSIO network it is necessary to understand how the Core works and the steps to follow for its current use, for this it is essential to have knowledge about the main strengths and challenges to date.

For the launching of applications supported by EOSIO, it is recommended by the community to take into consideration the following:

Launch Pad

A good launching platform that meets the minimum requirements to produce value to the network and at the same time is stable for the support in EOSIO is of utmost importance, in order to achieve this it is important to be actively involved in the network community, as well as reading and providing feedback on possible improvements of the documentation and tools.

Lift Off

For a successful take-off, it is recommended to engage with other platforms through partnerships, events and working groups. Provide growth opportunities to both users and developers to provide platform awareness and exposure.


In order to propel the platform, it is recommended to improve speed and scalability, attract new users, giving more exposure to the platform and opportunities for growth with other EOSIO platforms. It is also necessary to continue investing in the platform, therefore it is necessary to establish a team for research and development of possible improvements or technologies.

To learn more about this topic, you can see it in the following link Core+ Blue Papers with availability to download if desired.


The Wallet+ group was created as an ENF measure, given the various complementary products that benefit application developers and end users, in order to determine the possible vulnerabilities of these and the necessary improvements to be implemented. The group was created to understand the current state of the network in an honest and holistic way, in order to coordinate with external groups the improvement supported by the feedback provided by the community to concentrate efforts on what will provide the best benefits in the future.

In this paper you will find the weaknesses found by the group on the possible improvements to be implemented, but for this we must know which were the questions answered by this group and their order, which is in the following list:

  1. Evaluation of the current state of the EOS ecosystem.
  2. Work done in other ecosystems that can be adopted.
  3. List initiatives that can improve the EOS ecosystem.
  4. List the foundation's recommendations for action.

To learn more about this topic, you can see it in the following link Wallet+ Blue Paper with availability to download if desired.


The Audit+ group was born as an initiative of the ENF to develop testing tools to address the clear shortage of security enhancement tools within the community, which has lagged behind the growth of security compared to other blockchain technologies.

To this end, Audit+ decided to focus its efforts on the following:

Automated Open Source Security Auditing Tools and APIs

The group decided as one of its main objectives the development of automated tools that allow the verification of security through auditing not only of smart contracts but also of APIs, since EOS did not have a space dedicated to contract auditing, which was a major vulnerability for developers and end users.

Contract Upgrade Authorizations

This issue is important because of the uncertainty present in the community, especially for ordinary EOS accounts, which had to rely 100% on the owners of the contract, who had full authority to change the stipulations of the contract or take all the funds. This was necessary not only for the user community, but also for the developers in order to improve the existing contracts.

Software Libraries for Secure Smart Contract Development

This topic is being addressed by a large group of developers with little or no technical knowledge regarding security and its implementation in smart contracts. For this reason, the Audit+ group plans to develop not only the libraries, but also a roadmap to understand their operation and application.

To learn more about this topic, you can see it in the following link Audit+ Blue Paper with availability to download if desired.


This topic is born as one of the many measures by the community for the growth of the same, aiming the development of a bridge with Ethereum, as its name suggests EVM+ (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is the group in charge of the development of ETH compatibility with EOS, so that contracts developed in Solidity (ETH) can be launched on the EOSIO network allowing you to launch your apps 100 times faster and 1000 times cheaper.

Its main goal is to create full compatibility between EOS and the EVM platform for both developers and end users. In order to achieve this goal, some specific objectives have been established, such as:

  • Native implementation in Nodeos for smart contracts.

  • Pre-compiled ETH contracts

  • Full RCP support

To learn more about this topic, you can see it in the following link EVM+ Blue Paper.


The Recorver+ group was born as a response to the possibility of an attack by a group of hackers and the possible actions to be taken for the recovery of the network, as well as measures to be taken into consideration to reduce damage to developers and end users. It is necessary to understand that despite the research done by the group, this Paper does not contain all possible scenarios, added to this fact, the existence of many variables outside the network, such as a global economic recession or similar.

To learn more about this topic, you can see it in the following link Recover+ Blue Paper with availability to download if desired.

These "Papers" are the results of research carried out by different groups, but they are not the only ones. If you wish to see all the Blue Papers and have knowledge about the different topics, you can visit the EOS Fundation Blue Papers.